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Meet Midlife Globetrotter

Hi! I’m Susan

I'm happy you're here!

I am a Canadian living in Denver, Colorado: a writer, a mom and a traveler. I created Midlife Globetrotter because I think midlife needs a reframe – I see it as a chance to reimagine the possibilities for ourselves. For me, travel is also an opportunity to rendezvous with the parts of myself I set aside when I am busy taking care of everyone else. It’s the best way I know to feel energized, inspired and free. 

I hope Midlife Globetrotter is a place where you will let yourself dream. Explore the stories that spark feelings of excitement and optimism about what’s ahead  – the big adventures and the everyday ones.

The midlife road can get bumpy, but like an African safari (my dream trip) you get to see the zebras when you’re willing to venture down that bumpy road. So let’s embrace midlife together, and all that comes with the adventure. 


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