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Hi! I'm Susan,

I’m originally from Toronto, and currently live in Denver, Colorado, the mile-high land of sunshine. I’ve had wanderlust as long as I can remember, and love pretty much all types of food, wine, mountains and art galleries.

I started my writing career as a newspaper journalist and have written about business, parenting, travel and now my new favourite topic – midlife. 

Like many women, I juggled a career with raising young children. My husband’s job at that time required extensive travel, so after several high-stress years trying to juggle it all, I stepped off the career track to be an at-home parent.

If you’ve spent time around children, you know some days feel as though they will never end. But they all do, and one day those children are young adults, dreaming their own dreams, which probably don’t include you.

The days are long, the years are short

yurt camping pearl lake state park colorado
On a yurt adventure in the Colorado mountains

With my children needing me less, adventure began calling in a new way; I answered the call with a trip to India, a fun and beautiful way to remember who I was, separate from all of the obligations in my life. It reminded me that travel allows us to rendezvous with the parts of ourselves that we set aside when we are busy taking care of everyone else. It’s the best way I know to feel energized, inspired and free.

Wanderlust and I are now fully reacquainted

Susan and her children on vacation in Canada
With my sons Nate (left) and Charles (right), in Canada

Wanderlust and I are now fully reacquainted. I still have family commitments – one son at college, one at home, my husband Sean, and our dog Archie. But I also have my own agenda and I make time for the things I love: fitness, experimenting with my camera and travel dreaming, among them. 

On the subject of travel dreaming I don’t know how this website will evolve, but I do know there is value in creating something, even when you are not exactly sure what it is. I am tossing aside limiting beliefs: the belief that it’s too late to change my life and the idea that midlife is something to be endured.

So in addition to travel stories and inspiration, Midlife Globetrotter is a place to embrace the unique challenges and opportunities at midlife.

Life holds a lot of unknowns for me, but I’m ok with that. I’m seeing it as a tale of grand adventure and looking forward to the plot twists.


Susan's travel bucket list

I’d love to go EVERYWHERE, 

but these are some places I’m dreaming of now

europe graphic olives pigeon urn




Crete, Greece

Loire Valley, France



Borneo (Malaysia) – rainforest & orangutans

Indonesia – snorkeling  & waterfalls

India  – to celebrate Holi, the festival of colors

north america graphic

North & Central America

Santa Fe, U.S.A

Newfoundland, Canada

Mexico City, Mexico 

San Blas Islands, Panama

south america graphic

South America




travel to africa graphic



Rwanda  – mountain gorillas

Botswana – walking safari

South Africa


Travel Bucket List

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