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CitizenM Bowery Hotel New York


Could a tiny hotel room meet my big expectations for a fabulous New York weekend

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CitizenM Bowery had me at the view. When your first experience of a hotel is the stunning New York City skyline from a rooftop bar, your stay is off to a glittering start.

We arrived just in time for the last call; there was no time to change our clothes or even drop our bags in the room. I didn’t mind not changing after a cross-country flight but was tempted to stop at the room for a quick peek. I was hoping to find a stylish and well-designed space, because I knew it was small. But how small was small? The room had to wait while we enjoyed the twinkling lights of lower Manhattan from CloudM, CitizenM’s 20th-floor rooftop bar.

The skyline view of skyscrapers from the CitizenM Bowery Hotel in New York City

CitizenM is a Europe-based hotel chain which offers what they call “affordable luxury”. The rooms are identical in size and style, all with a King bed. And not just in New York, but in all of their hotels. There are now 31 locations, primarily in Europe, with a few in the U.S. and Asia, (and more in development).  

The idea is that they can charge less for smaller rooms and pared back hotel services such as no concierge. 

I had secured an amazing rate. Sometimes they offer an extra discount for stays of three-nights or longer. I had also booked a couple of months ahead – I noticed the price did creep up closer to the date. I’ve seen this in Paris as well. So tip number one is book ahead with a rate you can cancel in case it drops just before you go. 

Drinks and views appropriately enjoyed, we made our way down to our room on the 7th floor. I opened the door and the first thing I noticed was the soft lighting and that it was very mauve. The walls are actually white but you can add color with the touch of a button on the in-room MoodPad (iPad). The next thing I noticed, after I opened the blind, was the stunning view. Since CitizenM is the tallest building in New York’s Bowery area where it’s located, room views are amazing. We had a west-facing view, I’ve since read east facing are even better. I think you can’t go wrong. 

Small but Smart - the Rooms at CitizenM

A hotel room at CitizenM Bowery Hotel in new York with modern design and purple lighting

And yes, the room was tiny, around 150 square feet. But it reminded me of a cabin on a ship, in that every square inch of space seemed to have a clever purpose. The open closet was just big enough for our items and and there were open shelves above it.  

The bed was a very generous sized King. I will say that the bed could be a sticking point for some people. It is enclosed on three sides  – between the two walls and next to the window, so there’s only one way out or in.

If there are two of you one might have to climb over the other, in the middle of the night for example. It was no problem for us. I was with my husband and having to navigate a bed tucked next to an epic view of New York City was one of the easier things we’ve had to do in 23 years of married life and kids.

The vanity was separate from the shower and toilet area and had lots of shelves as well. And the bed had built-in drawers beneath it; I was able to easily fit my non-hanging items, with lots of room to spare. 

Every room has a King bed at CitizenM bowery hotel

The vanity had a single sink which could also be an issue if you are used to double sinks and like to spread out. At home I am used to having  my own sink, but I didn’t mind it here. 

There were also some really clever design touches that made it feel like an adorable apartment in Tokyo or Hong Kong where square footage is in short supply.  The table lamps don’t have bases for example, but perhaps my favorite thing was the mini-fridge in the vanity (it’s shallower than a typical fridge). It was wisely left empty rather than stocked with pricey mini-bar items. I added a bottle of Chablis and still had space for the doggy bag I brought home the next night, when I couldn’t quite finish my delicious dinner. 

The bed itself was an XL King and one of the most comfortable hotel beds I’ve slept in. That said, I would have liked a sheet under the summer-weight duvet to give more options for anyone (me) who tends to get hot. 

The room’s iPad/MoodPad controls the lighting as mentioned, as well as mood music and temperature.

A man stands at the Vanity at the CitizenM Bowery Hotel
Vanity with mini fridge
The work area called the living room at CitizenM Bowery Hotel New York

I liked that the shower and toilet were separate from the vanity and the rainfall shower head was enjoyed by my husband; I prefer a traditional shower head so was glad there were both. I also liked that the toiletries were large refillable bottles, rather than the little single-use disposable ones.

Other touches I appreciated were the full-length mirror and hooks at the entry and the flattering vanity lighting. The beautiful lighting throughout the room made me appreciate what a big part of creating a comfortable feeling it plays. (I’d like the CitizenM lighting genius to work their magic in my bathroom at home.)

There was also a Nelson-style pendant in the corner, a small desk with a comfy, contemporary armchair and a small bench. Although there were no bedside tables, the desk served that purpose on one side and a ledge that runs parallel to the window did the job on the other. Am I the only one who has a lot of items that need a spot on my bedside table?

The Living Room common area at the CitizenM Bowery Hotel
One side of a large "living room" at CitizenM Bowery

Amenities at CitizenM Bowery Hotel

I found the service to be friendly and efficient at CitizenM Bowery. Check-in was quick, although we were the only ones there. After your first stay, you can use the same key for future contactless check-ins – you even select your room on the CitizenM app. 

CitizenM is unconventional to be sure. There’s no concierge for example. But there is a “living room” — essentially a stylish and art-filled common area for working and socializing. On Friday it was full of people on laptops but more empty on the weekend. 

There is also a Canteen next to the living room which serves food 24 hours (no room service however). A breakfast buffet is available daily for an additional charge.  The food looked tasty and was well-priced for Manhattan. I didn’t get a chance to try anything this time. (It’s New York and I had a lot of restaurant reservations.) There’s also a gym which I didn’t use; it’s supposed to be small but well-designed, like everything else here. 

The Canteen restaurant at CitizenM Bowery New York
The Canteen at CitizenM serves food 24 hours a day

CloudM Rooftop Bar - CitizenM Bowery

I mentioned that the CloudM rooftop bar made an excellent first impression. It was a huge perk of this hotel. In fact it’s quite large with both an indoor and outdoor space. 

CloudM can be enjoyed year-round and the floor-to-ceiling windows offered equally gorgeous views from inside. Like most New York rooftop bars the cocktails are pricey, but I think cocktails with a fabulous view are always worth the splurge. 

Susan Heinrich looks out the window at the CloudM bar in New York
The view from the CloudM bar at CitizenM
Susan Heinrich at the entrance of the CitizenM hotel bar, CloudM
The entrance to the CloudM bar on the 20th floor

The decor throughout was creative and colourful and I liked the emphasis on local artists. If you prefer a more serene aesthetic it might not appeal to you. But I felt the rooms were very serene.

We had a wonderful long weekend in New York and I can’t ever remember paying so little for a three-night stay. 

And there’s another reason I am pleased I loved CitizenM Bowery even more than  expected — a travel-related ulterior motive. I also like affordable hotels in Europe. When I left CitizenM Bowery I booked a stay at the CitizenM Champs Élysées Paris which I also highly recommend.

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Susan Heinrich stands on a outdoor terrace in Paris near the Champs Elysees
On the terrace at the CitizenM Champs Élysées Hotel Paris

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