Susan Heinrich stands in Denver's Union Station with Monos luggage - the Monos Medium Check-In and the Monos Metro backpack.

Monos Luggage Review


After lots of research I found a carry-on and checked luggage that’s durable, well-designed, and affordable

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Note to U.S. shoppers: Some Monos luggage items are now available from Nordstrom. Buying from Nordstrom allows you to try the bag at home and return your item in-store for free, as opposed to having to pay $40+ to ship it back to Monos, something I’ve understandably heard complaints about. Nordstrom has a limited selection of styles and colors however. Some links in this post will take you to items sold by Monos while others will take you to items available at Nordstrom. I recommend checking prices at both as they do vary.

I am a frequent traveler who hates packing, and this Monos luggage review explains why I chose the Vancouver-based brand as my new favorite. There are lots of pros as well as a few cons. Read on. 

Off the top, I will say that my priorities were lightweight luggage that rolled like a dream. I was willing to invest but didn’t have the budget for a luxury luggage brand like Tumi or Rimowa.

I was initially shopping for carry-on luggage and ordered several bags online and returned them all. One didn’t have enough compartments. Another had a clever design but was too heavy. There were sticky zippers, wobbly handles and awkward layouts. And then one day, I found Monos.

Luggage isn’t one size, or budget, fits all. In the market for a luxury bag? 

Read my Carl Friedrik Luggage Review.

A display of Monos luggage at a popup store in Toronto's Stackd Market. Pictured are a row of Monos Carry-On bags in 7 colors as well as various other luggage items. Beyond the luggage is an artwork collage in pastel colors.
Monos Carry-On bags on display at the Monos Toronto pop-up store at Stackd Market

The carry-on bag I was replacing was a Samsonite that I had owned for many years. It had held up well but was too heavy at over 10 pounds. I often travel solo, so wanted to be able to lift my carry-on bag into the overhead bin on my own.

Something a little more stylish would be welcome as well. And I hoped to do a lot of traveling over the next ten years, so it had to be durable and easy to move around, (i.e. four wheels). 

Like me, Monos is Canadian; I live in Denver but am from Toronto. Monos was launched in 2018 by Vincent Tam. His vision for the company was to make premium luggage affordable by selling direct-to-consumers. It is a similar model to competitor Away. More on that comparison below. That said, some Monos luggage items are now available through Nordstrom in the U.S. 

Monos Luggage - the Options

A selection of Monos luggage, as well as the Monos Metro Backpack are pictured at an RER station in Denver Colorado. Susan was on her way to the airport for travel to Toronto
On my way to Toronto with the Monos Check-In Medium and Carry-On, and the Monos Metro backpack

Monos Carry-On Bags - Three Sizes

Monos makes three sizes of carry-on luggage: The Carry-On, Carry-On Plus and Carry-On Pro.

The Carry-On Pro comes with a front compartment that can accommodate a 15” laptop. (Note that reviewers have said the compartment won’t fit larger laptops so be sure and check the dimensions of your laptop.)

For many travelers accessing a laptop without opening your roller bag, is a great feature. I usually keep my laptop in my tote bag at my seat, but if you prefer to travel with a small personal item, the Carry-On Plus might be the way to go.

So my decision was the Carry-On or the Carry-On Plus (same bag, two sizes).  I went with the smaller Carry-On because I wanted a lighter bag. The Carry-On weighs 7 pounds and the Carry-On Plus is 7.38 pounds. That’s a small difference, but the volume is considerably more — 48 liters for the Carry-On Plus versus 39 liters for the Carry-On.

Monos Carry-On Bag dimensions
Monos Carry-on plus dimensions

I knew I would inevitably pack more with a bigger bag so it would be heavier. Even a few extra pounds make a difference when I am lifting it into an overhead bin or carrying it up the stairs of the Metro in Paris.

In addition, I do sometimes fly within Europe, and European airlines usually have smaller size limits. They also sometimes weigh carry-on bags to check if you are within weight limits — bonjour Air France.

That said, if you mostly travel in North America, the larger Carry-On Plus might be preferable. And it would be more doable as luggage for a week-long trip. If you are flying within Europe, you may be required to check it. 

Monos Luggage Carry-On Dimensions

Standard size for many airlines in the U.S. is 22” x 14” x 9”, the exact dimensions of the Monos Carry-On. The Carry-On Plus has an extra 1/2 to 1 inch in each dimension (see the comparison image above). 

Monos Checked Bag Review

Susan prepares for travel at the Denver train station. She is pictured next to Monos Check-In Medium bag and the Monos Metro backpack.
Susan at Denver's Union Station with her Monos Check-In Medium and Monos Metro backpack

Monos luggage has two larger hard-sided roller bags: the Check-In Medium and Check-In Large. Since writing this review, I have added the Check-In Medium to my collection and taken it on a dream trip to Africa and to Canada over the holidays. 

Like Santa’s sac, I was able to stuff it with gifts for my Canadian relatives, thanks to a clever design and internal compression pad (more on that below). On both trips it performed beautifully. The style is similar to the Carry-On bag, but it features two additional interior pockets. It is lightweight, attractive, and a dream to roll – one of my favorite features of Monos luggage. It weighs 9.6 pounds has a 70 L volume and measures: 26.5″ × 18.5″ × 10.5″. It is recommended for trips between 7 and 21 days.

The Check-In Large is only slightly heavier at 10.6 pounds and it gives you 90 L of interior space. It measures 30″ × 21″ × 11″.

My mediuim bag is the desert taupe color, and it does show scuffs. (More on cleaning it below). In hindsight, I wish I had chosen a dark color, the gorgeous olive green or black. Other than the scuffing, it has held up well: two trips to Europe, one trip to Africa and one trip to Canada. I am been very happy with it and do recommend it, with some caveats explained below. 

The interior of the Monos Checked Bag features extra pockets and two sides with enclosures. One side is zipped and the other has a compression pad with clips.

Monos Luggage Durability

Monos bags are made with German Makrolon polycarbonate – an aerospace-grade material that is both light and nearly impossible to break. Because of its flexibility, it can take rough handling in case you need to check it. It is supposed to be resistant to dents because the material has some flex. Monos says they use the same grade of material as luxury luggage brands but because they sell direct, rather than through retailers, they can sell it for hundreds less. 

The extendable handle is often the weak point with luggage. If you want to see durability in action, check out their page on quality testing, specifically the “telescopic handle jerk test, on the Monos website. I was strangely mesmerized by the sight of the bag hanging by the handle.

Packing my Monos Luggage

Someone slides a thin booklet called Feminist City Guide into an interior pocket of a Monos Carry-On bag
One side of the bag zipped closed
A hand pulls on a strap inside of a carry on bag to compress a fabric panel and the contents underneath
The other side of the bag has a compression pad

One of the reasons I returned several other bags was the interior design just didn’t lend itself to me keeping my things in place and organized. The Monos website claims a thoughtfully designed interior and I have found that to be true. 

The layout of the carry-on and checked bags are similar. Pictured above and below are the carry-on. One side of the bag is enclosed with a zipped panel; it is perfect for shoes and other bulky items. For me, the real magic is the other side which has a compression pad.  Place your piles in, and try not to concern yourself that they are three inches higher than the side of the bag. The compression pad will work its magic and hold everything in. Imagine a pair of Spanx, for your clothes.

An open Monos carry-on suitcase packed with items
Bulky items fit well under the zippered side
Interior pockets of the Monos Carry-On
I appreciate the interior pockets

There are also interior pockets, which I appreciate when I am trying to give everything a place. The panels that enclose the sides each have large zip pockets and there’s a small zip pocket as well. It comes with bags for shoes and laundry, a cute luggage tag and a dust jacket for storage.

My Monos Luggage Around the World

My first trip with my Monos Carry-On luggage was to L.A.  One of the things I noticed immediately was how quiet the wheels were and how easily it moved along and changed direction as I did. Also, although I fit even more than I expected with the compression pad, it was light enough. I could easily lift it into the overhead bin; you might say I was a bit of a luggage ninja. A couple of people stood to offer help and then realized I didn’t need it. 

I found the design of the compartments were great for keeping everything organized. It was a short trip so I didn’t unpack everything. 

On the day I was leaving L.A., I left my luggage with the concierge at the hotel while I went for a bike ride in Venice Beach. The concierge rolled it away with me trailing behind as she was retrieving a bike from storage at the same time. She commented on how attractive it was and how well it moved and asked the brand name. I’m guessing she has since ordered one.  

My Monos Carry-On bag looking trés chic on a trip to Paris

In addition to my domestic travels, my Monos carry-on luggage has traveled with me to France, Spain, Greece, and Africa.  My Europe travel included planes, trains and automobiles, and my Monos bag performed beautifully. One thing to keep in mind with Europe travel is that it can be awkward to travel on trains with large bags. For this reason, I prefer two smaller roller bags, to one large bag. If I need one than a small roller. 

Cleaning Monos Luggage

My Monos luggage has held up well with no damage or dents but they definitely do show scuffs. The lighter the color the more they show. After returning from a recent trip to Canada my Monos checked bag (which I have in the light beige called desert taupe) was covered in dirty scuffs. I used a solution of baking soda mixed with dish soap, a rag and some elbow grease and was able to get the scuffs out. Pictured below are a before and after. 

The Monos Medium checked bag in desert taupe, a light beige, covered in dark scuffs
Before cleaning
The Monos Medium checked bag in desert taupe, a light beige, pictured with a cleaning cloth with baking soda on it.
The Monos Medium checked bag in desert taupe, a light beige, pictured after being cleaned. The scuffs are gone; it looks almost like new.
After cleaning

What does the Monos Lifetime Warranty Cover?

I have had several people comment about the lack of coverage in the lifetime warranty, so wanted to add some clarifying details. The Monos lifetime warranty covers some things, but not everything. The following are covered:

  • Cracks or breaks in the shell
  • Wheels, handles, or telescoping handles that break off or are no longer usable
  • Broken zippers

Not covered are: scratches, dents, dings, scuffs, stains, color changes, and normal wear and tear, including of the inner fabric. Non-functional changes in the appearance of the product — if they do not impair the functionality of the luggage, they aren’t covered.

I repeat, dents aren’t covered. This seems to be a contentious issue for people. Dents are cosmetic so typically don’t affect the functioning of the bag. Yet, I completely understand why some people would be unhappy with a dent after their first trip and request a return. Apparently you can often get these dents out. Contact Monos for details.  

Susan Heinrich walks away from the CitizenM Bowery hotel with her Monos carry-on luggage

Susan in New York City, matching her Monos Carry-On luggage.

A Note About Monos' 100-day Return Policy

A note about Monos 100-day return policy: this allows you to try it out *at home* and return it if you don’t like it. FYI: This means packing it, lifting it, rolling it around, all at home. As soon as you take it on a trip, the return option becomes void. I wish there was an option to try it out in the world on a trip and then decide, but for now that’s the policy. Away Luggage has the same policy, FYI. 

Monos luggage on a train platform at sunset
Monos Luggage waiting for the train to Denver International

Monos Luggage Review - Final Thoughts

Overall, I am happy with my Monos luggage, that said, there are cons: the matte hard shell does becomes easily scuffed, especially light colors. And I’ve noticed that if it’s overpacked, the handle is difficult to pull up. But that’s if I really overdo it. And I do wish their 100-day return policy allowed you to take a trip. 

While it is not the lightest carry-on bag on the market, it’s lighter than most competitors. (If you want ultra-lightweight luggage, you can read my comparison of those in: Ultra Lightweight: Delsey Vs. Samsonite. ) 

If you are wondering about a comparison with other luggage brands that sell direct, I can share a little about Away’s Carry-On bag. My son owns an Away bag and likes it very much. I’ve used it on a couple of trips, and on the surface they are similar, but I think the Monos quality is slightly superior and I prefer its design. Also, Monos seem to have better sale prices if budget is an issue. That said, Away is a good option. My son has traveled extensively with his and it has held up well. He is very happy with it. 

But my one area of concern with Monos is their spotty record on customer service.

A Monos suitcase with a hand holding a message about the meaning of travel
A woman's hand holds a pen to fill in a luggage tag

The name Monos is inspired by the Japanese concept “mono no aware” – the appreciation of beauty in fleeting moments. Tam’s philosophy is that travel can be about more than enjoyment; it can be a chance to grow and learn. I feel the same way. And after all of the lockdowns, you might say that returning to travel with Monos luggage as my companion has felt like a fairy tale. 

A note about ordering your Monos luggage from Nordstrom. The benefit of ordering from Nordstrom is you can return it in-store for free. If you order from Monos online they will charge you the cost to ship it back. I believe it’s around $40.  That said, do compare prices at both as their sales can differ. See the complete line at and a selection of the most popular bags at

Happy travels!

A note regarding the comments section below. Some people have shared issues they have had with their luggage pieces and are not thrilled with Monos’ warranty, in terms of what it covers and what it doesn’t. For clarification, please refer back to the above section that outlines the warranty and the Monos 100-day return policy. Additionally, there are many complaints about Monos’ customer service. Read comments below to learn more. 

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86 Responses

  1. Thank you for your review. I’m curious how the spinner wheels handled the cobblestones in Europe. I’ll be going on a three-city tour and have been looking at Monos for quite some time.

    1. Hi Romina – Sorry for the delayed response. How exciting about your three-city Europe tour! To be honest, I don’t recall pulling it across any cobblestones. My Airbnb and hotels were all accessed via paved walkways. That said, it is extremely durable. You can visit the Monos website to see all the stress tests they put their luggage through and learn more about the wheel construction. I love my bag for Europe travel. The fact its light is really helpful. Have a fabulous trip.Susan

    2. Hi, just a quick message to say that my wife and I are very disappointed with our Monos Carry-on Plus suitcases that we bought for a trip to Colombia. It says in the advertising that the Carry-On Plus model is accepted by Air Canada and many others as a carry-on, but that is completely untrue. When we arrived at the airport we quickly discovered that the Carry-On Plus wouldn’t fit in the metal frame guide they use to check which bags are acceptable or not. Our bags were rejected. They had to be checked in. When we got back home I contacted Monos and was given the run around. They wouldn’t accept a return, although they had misrepresented their product and they wouldn’t accept an exchange for a smaller model that really would be acceptable to Air Canada. Warning to other travellers. Monos is bad news.

      1. Hi Patrick – I’m sorry to hear this. I hope you had a great trip to Colombia despite having to check your bags. You are right that Monos incorrectly shows that the Carry-On Plus meets the carry-on dimensions on Air Canada. But it does also say that broadly speaking, sometimes on smaller aircraft types you may have to check your bag. I have a bag this size and have found it’s hit or miss. Sometimes it’s fine on domestic and international flights. Others, I am asked to check it because the overhead bins on the aircraft type are especially small. The good news is there are many airlines (all of the big US airlines) with which your luggage will be permitted to take as a carry-on. I suppose if you mostly travel Air Canada that won’t be especially helpful.

  2. Hello. I’m traveling to Paris in the Fall and have been looking at the Monos Carry-On for a while. I was wondering which airline you chose for your Europe travels. It sounds like Air France is fairly strict and I’m not sure the Monos luggage would be allowed. Have you had an experience with luggage “slightly” larger than their allowance?

    Air France: 21.6 x 13.7 x 9.8 in. including pockets, wheels, and handles
    Monos: 22″ × 14″ × 9″ including wheels and fixed handles

    1. Hi Alexis! How exciting that you have a trip to Paris planned. I took my Monos Carry-On to Paris last fall (as carry-on) and flew Air France from the U.S. I had no problems with my luggage size but they did weigh it once I was in Europe – I flew to Spain from Paris and it was weighed. I’ve never had it weighed in the U.S. I think you’ll be fine on any large Europeean airline – the difference is so small and they are used to the fact that American luggage brands have slightly different dimensions as you note above – but overall size difference is small. If you were to travel on a budget airline within Europe, you might have an issue. I hope that helps. Have an incredible time in Paris! Susan

  3. My luggage is beautiful but the handle doesn’t extend all the way up when I have closed it on my carryon. And my middle piece was dented during travel and I cannot get a reply about the lifetime warranty.

    1. Hi. That is really frustrating about a lack of reply. Have you tried using the chat function on the website? They might be more responsive and be able to offer next steps? I know when I really overpacked my bag, I couldn’t get the handle up and down smoothly. Could that be the issue? Good luck getting it resolved. Susan

  4. Unfortunately my luggage’s shell chipped and is peeling after just 1 trip. My purchase was made a month ago but Mono’s customer service is awful. The first person told me to take a rubber mallet to pound out the dent. After I again emphasized it was chipped she asked me to file a claim. The claim was quickly dismissed and they offered to send me a cover for the suitcase. They asked me to confirm my mailing an address and somehow crossed my account with another customer and had my address in another state. Finally they advertise a 100 day return policy but that only applies if you don’t use the case during those 100 days. Away encourages you to take a trip in the first 100 days and then if you don’t like it you can return the luggage. Finally, Monos seems to discourage/block the ability to post a review. I could not find a spot where I could post a review.

    1. Hi Michael. Yes, I recently learned that their 100-day policy means “try it at home”. I agree with you – Away’s policy to try it on your travels is superior. I have updated the article to clarify that the 100-day return only applies to luggage that hasn’t traveled. As for the warranty, that is disappointing. Although I know dents aren’t covered, it sounds like your chipped and peeling bag really isn’t holding up as it should. Sorry to hear you haven’t had the same experience I’ve had. Thank you for sharing it here so readers can learn more before making a purchase. Despite that, happy travels to you! Susan

    2. Hi Michael,

      I just used my taupe colored monos for the first time and the color is scratched off in a lot of areas and there are permanent black scuff marks all over. My brand new case looks like it has been thru a war. I am so dissapointed.

      1. Hi Beth. I also have a light Monos checked bag which I checked on a recent trip. I was able to get the dark scuffs off with a solution of baking soda, water and soap. It took some effort so from now on I will use a cover for my checked bag. It is why I recommend a darker-colored bag if you don’t want to have to do this. Let me know if you try the baking soda. Susan

      2. I have the same issue. I had to wheel it through the metro and on a few sidewalks but I was careful to lift it up and carry it over the rougher areas. Despite this effort, there are multiple scratches I cannot remove with soap and water as suggested by the Monos salesperson . I wish I would have listened to what was being said in the reviews and purchased a different brand. In my opinion, the tendency to scuff and scratch so easily is a design flaw. I’m disappointed as this is not inexpensive luggage and customer service is apparently quite poor. Their extensive marketing is quite effective, however, and worked to some degree on me. I do not recommend Monos luggage for people who need to roll their luggage outside of an airport for this reason.

        1. Hi Den. Not sure if you saw my reply to some similar comments: I was able to scuffs out with a solution of baking soda & liquid dish soap — plus elbow grease. Susan

    3. I am so irritated. I just completed my first trip with my new mono luggage yesterday. After the first leg of my trip I decided to return the set as it didn’t handle that fist leg well. I have the light sand colored luggage, it got so many scuffs I was disgusted. I clearly got my companies crossed as I thought I was able to travel with the luggage and if I didn’t like it I could return it within 100 days. I actually knew before the trip that I wanted to return it because they weren’t expandable and I didn’t realize it until it arrived. My trip was within 2 days of its arrival so it was too late to order something new but figured I would be within the return window and would be ok. So bummed…

      1. Hi Laneeta. That’s too bad. I wonder if hard-shelled luggage is ever expandable. I’ve never seen one that is. Good luck finding the right luggage.

        1. I actually have a hard shell Delsay international sized carry-on that is expandable if someone needs that flexibility. Also has a front opening for your laptop (similar to the Carry-on Pro). Bought the Monos Carry-on Pro as a replacement. Haven’t traveled with it yet but hoping to be satisfied.

        2. You haven’t looked very far then. AmazonBasics hardshells are expandable.

  5. I have had the same experience at Michael. I took one trip with my new Carry-On Plus and the shell actually bent and warped. The customer service response is surprising; they will not replace or refund, or even fix the shell.

    I really do wish that I had not fallen for all of the hype and instead simply purchased luggage with more of a track record.

    1. Hi Kristin – I am really sorry to hear this; how disappointing. I agree – it sounds like the type of defect in your luggage after one trip should qualify for a replacement. 🙁 I wish I could help. Thanks for sharing your experience. Susan

    2. I totally agree! I traveled once and my bag now looks old, dirty and embarrassing. It’s a light color that will not clean up.

      1. Mine too!! I have the rose color one and after one flight it was completely scuffed with permanent marks. I could see this happening after some time, but this was after my first flight. I agree, it looks old and I bought both a carry on and the check in!

        1. Hi Angela, There’s no doubt that the light-colored bags scuff. I was able to clean what seemed to be permanent scuffs with a baking soda-soap mixture and some elbow grease. I hope that works for you. Kind regards, Susan

  6. What color is your bag…terracota? Does it look more brown/orange? Or salmon/rose? In person.

    1. Hi. Michelle. Terra Cotta is the best descriptor. It is brown, but a reddish brown.Not nearly as light as salmon. Hope that helps. I love the color! Susan

  7. Do not buy Monos luggage. If you decide to return it, the return shipping fees are exorbitant – $60 for a large piece, $40 for the carry on. Had I known I would be charged $100 to return this luggage if I didn’t like it — and it’s okay but not worth the cost — I never would have ordered it.

    1. Ditto here! I’m about to pay $50 to return it, which is like 15% of the total cost. HUGE ripoff.

      1. I CANNOT GET ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM THEM. I’m trying to return a carry on which is too small for me. Uggh!

  8. I hate my Monos suitcase. I purchased a light blue suitcase through after reading several good reviews. The interior design of the bag was decent, nothing amazing but I was happy with it. When I arrived at my destination after first use the bag looked as though I’d been using it for years, it was scuffed and dirty. It actually looked substantially worse than the bag I was replacing that had been used for years internationally and domestically. This was after only one domestic flight. I contacted Monos and they do not seem to offer any type of customer satisfaction guarantee. I was told I could clean my suitcase with soap and water or use a sponge that came with the bag. This wasn’t an adequate response, especially considering the cost of this bag. I highly recommend avoiding Monos bags, I don’t believe they will stand behind their product. Monos offer a 100 day money back guarantee that is voided if the bag has been used even once. This is a pointless return guarantee since the true test of a bag is how it holds up to airline travel. They must realize their bags don’t hold up well cosmetically, put your money into a brand with better customer satisfaction guarantees.

    1. I am in total agreement about their return policy. I think they should allow returns after trying the bags. You make a good point about the light-colored bags – they definitely show scuffs much more than the darker ones. For anyone who is considering purchasing a light color there is a cover you can purchase to put on it. My bag is a terra cotta color and after many trips its also quite scuffed. But I don’t care that much about the scuffs; I love the functionality. It is lightweight and moves around like a dream.

  9. Is it actually 22” tall? I just ordered the Beis carryon and they say 22” but it’s closer to 23” so I have to return it! If this is 22” it might be a winner!

  10. I have the light blue set and my bags were so scuffed up after only one trip! And there was a dent in the large suitcase. I used the cleaning sponge, but it didn’t help much. I tried the plastic covers, but they are kind of a pain and one ripped after the first use. I picked the bags as they looked so pretty but you can’t see that with the covers on. So I went back to no covers and the bags are getting very scuffed up.

    1. Hi Kat. Try a solution of baking soda and soap to clean the scuffs. I am sorry to hear about the dent; that is disappointing. As is the ripped cover. 🙁 I haven’t used my cover yet. Did you send yours back for a refund?

  11. Hi Susan, could you please share how easy it is to roll the suitcase on carpet in the airport? I recently tried the Away suitcase and while it rolled well enough on most surfaces including carpet when I tested it at home, it was a challenge to roll it on carpet when I was at the airport. I’d love to hear your experience with Monos. Thanks!

    1. Hello Joy. I am sorry for the delayed response. I took time off over the holidays and am catching up. I just did a test and yes, it rolls easily across the carpet I have at home. Hope that helps! Susan

  12. Luggage is great but BEWARE the return policy. You can return it but they will CHARGE you $40!!

    1. I agree, the return charge is not ideal. It’s one of the downsides of direct-to-consumer products like this. They offer more value for money with the product, because you don’t have the retail store markup, but returns are not as easy and carry a fee.

      1. But there are other Mfg’s of “high end” luggage that don’t charge to return. The least they could do on their WEB site is to tell you there is a return fee when you check out. Not in some small “out of the way” place that you would not see,

  13. Great site Susan! Before reading your reviews, I thought I would park my well travelled Tumi carry on and give Monos a try. I have an outside pocket but it isn’t hardshell which would be preferable for a laptop. I use the companion Tumi backpack for impulse items including my laptop and so far no issues other than accessibility. ( when it’s full, the pockets are useless)

    Nonetheless, after reading all of the comments, I will take a pass and stay with my Tumi for now. Looks like the founders were more focused on marketing and less on product quality. Appreciate the customer reviews and your diligent replies.

  14. Purchased two Monos medium and one large check in bags for a trip to Europe. Expected both bags to be scuffed, but did not expect a large corner dent in one along with some of the material scrapped off. Also, the other side had a “fold” in the shell. Took pics and filed with Monos. Let’s see what happens. Thought about “pushing” the dent out from the inside, but didn’t want to further compound the problem while traveling. Very disappointed and worried about future travel and durability. Second guessing my purchase decision and hope that the warranty comes through. These are not cheap.

      1. Finally getting back to replying. After several back and forth emails with Monos Support, sending them pics and a video of my attempt to remove the large corner dent using a hair dryer as recommended with very little success, Monos replaced the medium check in bag with a brand new one! Customer service was responsive and came through for me after following all their suggestions. I treated the customer rep with respect and was calm and collected in my responses. The pictures I send were detailed as was my explanation of what I did to fix the issue. I really like these bags, but I hate the scuffing issue. If they could solve or lesson that somehow, that would go a long way towards happiness. I did suggest that Monos may want to install corner protectors similar to their upgraded luggage to hopefully prevent what happenned to me. Big dents in material that is designed to be super tough is a design flaw as far as I’m concerned.

  15. In December of 2022, I purchased a Monos Metro Sling in Black Nylon, and for a couple months greatly enjoyed occasional use of this product as a cross-body bag –– the bag itself is functional yet sleek. HOWEVER, the bag’s zipper (which is explicitly advertised on the product page as “Anti-Catch”!) began to continually catch on the fabric lining of the inner edge / zipper tape. After having to tug it loose a couple of times, the zipper than stopped closing the teeth on both sides, rendering the bag open at all times and completely useless!

    Worse yet has been Monos’ customer service: a month after submitting a warranty claim for the product’s advertised 2-year warranty (which should cover and include damage the product sustained by itself with only occasional use), I have gotten no response. Even after sending weekly emails, the most I have gotten is an automated email response each time, and at one point they even sent an email listing some random employees’ name, asking me to “rate [my] experience” with the “team member that assisted you”–– which is funny, since I have gotten no human response since my first email. With a bit of searching I found various threads warning of Monos’ poor customer service and response to warranty claims regarding their luggage, but for as simple of a product as an every-day bag, their (lack of) response has turned me from a customer who would otherwise enjoy their aesthetically attractive products into one who will be warning others to STAY AWAY so as to avoid this horrible experience!

  16. Very nice site. Away has the same policy as Monos on no travel with the bag. So we should not be too harsh with Monos. Also people seem to have a very unrealistic expectation about luggage. I think you are more reasonable and calm!
    From Away:

    We want you to love everything about Away products, too—which is why we offer free returns and exchanges on unused items for the first 100 days.
    We are only able to accept returns on unused items, so please gently test your products at home before traveling with them.

    1. It’s a great point about Away having the same policy; thanks for sharing that. I appreciate your kind words about the website and thanks for reading! 🙂 Susan

    2. I love your response! I don’t know why people are crying about sent and scratches and you should know how they throw luggage around at the Air port. Invest in the luggage cover but that will only help so much! If you get the hybrid dont pack so much because anything with a lock a get stuck because its not a zipper! People need to be open minded or just get some cheap luggage from a store!

  17. You mentioned travelling through canada and US, have you run into trouble with the carry on not fitting on Air Canada, I think their requirements are 21.5” for height.

    1. Hi Renee. I usually fly United to Toronto but have flown Air Canada once and didn’t have an issue. They don’t tend to be picky if the luggage is near the correct size and they have lots of US travelers who would be in a similar position.

  18. I received my order this morning (see attached below) and I’m very disappointed.

    Terrible customer service – they care about the planet (may be ) but not about their customers.

    Specifically, all three measurements are at least 1 inch off the advertised measurements.
    I wanted to return the product for either a refund or an exchange, but the return fee (UK 40.-) is akin to highway robbery. I’m used to or where the return is free and the pick up immediate.
    That purchase was a lose-lose idea on my side – for full transparency, they should at the get-go indicate on the site not the 100-day grace period to return BUT very clearly in big black letters the return fee that comes with that feeble warranty.

  19. Hi,
    I cannot decide between the carryon or carry on plus. I will be traveling to South America and Europe in the following weeks.
    I also travel domestic quite a bit. Any recommendation between carry on or carry on plus… TIA

    1. The thing to consider is whether you truly want it to be a carry-on bag or are willing to check it. The carry-on plus will be too big to be considered carry-on if you are flying within Europe. This can even be an issue with the carry-on. In the US, the carry-on meets requirements — most US airlines carry-on size limit is 22” x 14” x 9” (exact size of the Monos Carry-On). The Plus is 23″ x 15″ x9.5″.

  20. I visited the Monos Luggage Review on, and it’s a fantastic resource for anyone considering new luggage options. The review provides valuable insights into the product and its practicality for travelers. It’s always helpful to have such thorough reviews when making travel gear choices. Thanks for sharing this informative piece!

  21. Just received my Monos carry-On pro plus and about to enjoy it on my travel to Vancouver on Wednesday. I love the build so far it’s 🔥🔥🔥

  22. My first trip, my large check-in Monos bag ended up with a huge dent. I was told I should pound out the dent and I ended up giving up on customer service. I used the luggage cover but mine was ripped after the first trip. I also don’t like how the cover is somewhat opaque, so you can’t really see the colour and style of the luggage, which was one part of why I bought Monos luggage. I’ve since tested out other covers, and they are clear and sturdier. I checked the carry-on a few times and it looks like it’s a decade old. It just looks horrible. I have the light blue colour. These bags seem to have great reviews. I can’t figure that out since I’ve been so disappointed with my bags and customer service.

    1. Hi Kathleen, That’s frustrating about the dent. Were you able to get it out? There’s no doubt that the light colored bags scuff. I tell people not to buy them for that reason and go with a dark color.. I am able to get the scuffs out with a solution of dishsoap and baking soda. Susan

  23. Hi Susan,
    It looks like you have done a lot of international travel with these. I understand your comments about restrictions and weight as I lived 25 years as a Canadian expat between Asia and the Middle East. I always travelled with mid to large check-ins and only a lightweight personal item. But now (in my early 50s), I find myself back in school mostly travelling cheaper AC flights in North America where I am only allowed a carry-on plus personal. I ordered (and am waiting on tracking info) of the carry-on in sage (with cover– I had already read of scuffing before finding your site). Did I make a mistake? Are North American carriers more forgiving (US-Canada and domestic)? Should I have purchased the carry-on plus? Is the interior of the regular (regulation) carry-on big enough for 4-day conferences (they seem to all be in Philadelphia this year)? Does the telescoping handle casing etc. eat up much of the interior space? (I didn’t consider the pro for that reason: if the pocket sits flat, it would eat into the insides… plus I like to keep my laptop on me). And finally, did you do a separate review of the metro backpack? (I can’t afford it now, but would love to know if this should be on my wish list. Does it fit over the handles in a way that still allows easy manouvering, can it fit laptop/tech stuff plus an extra item of clothing or two, and did you struggle to fit it under the seat?).

    By the way, with a Cyberweek discount, I paid an equivalent price to a mid-range Samsonite (and much less than what the Away costs in Canada) for the carry-on in the colour I chose (one of the more discounted). I am hoping I made a good choice with Monos. Deciding factors were: Canadian company, lighter than others I was looking at, sturdier handle, and purportedly good wheels with smooth rolling- I’m hoping it is good for wheeling through busy carpeting convention hotel venues.

    1. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Sounds like you got a great deal! I love the smaller carry-on size and have traveled for a week in Europe with it. No, the handle does not take up interior packing space. When it comes you can pack it and then decide, and exchange if needed. Don’t use it outside or you can’t exchange it. You may be able get away with the larger one on some airline/planes, but I really can’t say for sure. Hope that helps.

  24. I bought two cases. I used the wrong credit card and immediately tried to let them know bit they HAVE NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Just automated responses saying they are busy and how important you are. I want to return the items but their 100 day return is a scam. if the item has been used at all (how else can you test it?) they wont return and if it’s unused they charge 40 pounds. DO what I did and return items then claim postage through the courts in Canada (easy process to fiollow)

  25. I bought the monos carry on plus to replace my 10 year old samsonite. My samsonite was still in great condition, but small so I wanted something of good quality that was a bit larger but still carry on. I recently used my samsonite for a 2 week, multi city vacation, dragging it extensively on cobblestone in Europe. It held up amazing. Last month I used my new monos bag for a 4 day trip in Belgium. I pulled it on some cobble stone sidewalks for about 20 minutes and the rest of the time it was pulled in stations and airports. The bottom of the bag is heavily scratched, so much so that it actually looks older than my old samsonite. I will continue using it until it dies but definitely will not purchase or recommend Monos to anyone. I wrote a review on the Monos website but surprisingly it has never been posted

    1. Hi Helen. I’ve also found the Monos bags scuff, but I so love it in every other way, I still recommend it. I am able to get scuffs out with a cloth and solution of soap and baking soda. If they are deeper scratches, where the coating has been removed, that may not work. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Happy travels! Susan

  26. Non-existent customer service. Bag corners dented on all 3 bags and there was a crack in the shell after one trip. No response from Monos on claim. Do not buy from this company. These suitcases will not hold up. Save yourself the hassle and disappointment and buy from a reputable business.

  27. Hi
    I bought 2 Pro Plus Black hand luggage pieces. My sister is crew for BA and I bought her one as a birthday gift. She works 1 week in every 4 as she is semi retired. She does not check her bag in. She was horrified that after 10 weeks and 3 trips the loop on the zipper tag hag snapped. Her cheap hand luggage had lasted her 15 years. I contacted Monos and they offered to send a fix it kit. I explained that we RE NOT LUGGAGE TECHNICIANS and that the loop on the zipper should never have snapped. The zipper is not scraped or bent, it simply snapped while being released from its lock. This suggested that the zipper must have been weaker and not of the quality it should have been. “Not fit for purpose” and certainly not as described in their statement about the quality of their product. I have asked for a refund or a replacement. I am currently traveling with my sister and away from home. I have even asked for a UK location that sells Monos to replace the Pro Plus hand luggage. I simply do not trust replacing the one part that secures the inside belongings. The luggage is less the 3 months old and not fir for purpose. Monos customer service is dragging this out and I am getting more frustrated. In one of their emails they said that any returns should be in a condition for resale. It’s faulty refund or replace. For the money the company does not stand behind their product that would encourage me to buy another product from them. I will update with the final outcome as I am currently in week 4 waiting for a response. Regards Tamara

    1. How frustating. I agree that the idea that all returns should be in condition for resale is outrageous. Good luck getting is resolved and please do check back and let us know what happens and perhaps share any tips that help you get it resolved.

  28. i bought a suitcase from Monos. They delivered the wrong colour but i tried to get in touch with Customer Service and once they realise you are complaining they go quite and you never hear from them again.
    Simply hopeless company and I’d recommend never buy from them. Better to buy AWAY cases, pay a little extra but get service.

  29. Product: Monos medium suitcase
    Date of Purchase: Oct 11th, 2023
    Date of Incident: Nov 9th, 2023

    I recently purchased Monos luggage for an upcoming trip, expecting durability and reliability from a reputable brand. Unfortunately, my experience has left me disappointed and frustrated.

    During my first trip with the luggage, the retractable handle broke. I have a video at the airport showing that we tried to find the issue with airline staff but it was quite difficult to identify. I was able to find the problem only after emptying the luggage and inspecting it closely. Upon opening the zipper and using a mirror, I discovered a bend in the internal mechanism, rendering the handle unusable.

    What exacerbated my dissatisfaction was the comparison with another luggage purchase made concurrently – a Samsonite, which showcased a cushioning system designed to absorb impact. This stark contrast highlighted a clear opportunity for improvement in the construction of my own luggage.

    To add to the frustration, the response from customer service was underwhelming. Instead of offering a replacement for the faulty luggage, they proposed sending a replacement handle for self-repair. This solution not only implies inconvenience but also raises concerns about the overall quality and longevity of the product.

    Overall, my experience with Monos luggage has been disappointing. While I initially had high expectations, the lack of durability and inadequate customer support have significantly dampened my confidence in the brand. I hope this review serves as constructive feedback for the manufacturer to improve their product quality and customer service processes in the future.

  30. I got a set of Monos last June in the blue and the scuff marks are a huge problem. I flew twice and my luggage looked like it had traveled around the world on a box car. No luck getting them out with any kind of cleaner. Customer service were very nice and sent me covers but I have new scratches even with the covers on. Unfortunately, this will be my last Monos purchase. f

    1. So sorry to hear this. I was able to get scuffs out of my beige medium checked bag with a combo of dish soap and baking soda. But that’s a pain so I now advise people to buy dark bags.

      1. Thanks for all your information and everyones comments. I was considering buying a monos case, but have now changed my mind. Im not spending hundreds of pounds on a case that looks lovely at first but scratches/dents/scuffs easily.
        Im still interested in the luggage cubes though – do you have any experience of those? Thanks

  31. Would not buy again. Paint chipped in many places before using it, so poor amount of paint coverage layers. The customer service reply sounds like a robot and in fact never got back to me with my second inquiry. Look elsewhere.

    Rare to find a website that will let you post any comment. Thanks.

  32. Do not buy Monos products. They use low quality materials for the shell and it falls apart on its own. The smooth plastic looks cracked and leather-like after just 1 year and 5 in-cabin trips, not even checked luggage. I have other luggage that are 10 years old and don’t look this bad.

    Their customer service is refusing to replace my damaged luggage.

  33. Hi Susan,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review. I am in the market for a new carry on luggage because I am taking an international trip in June! I am curious about your experience with rolling the luggage on carpet? A lot of reviews don’t touch on this when explaining the smoothness of the wheels, and my airport is mainly carpet.

    1. Hi there! I just rolled mine across the carpet to test it out and it was great. Not as fast as rolling it on a hard smooth surface, but it still moved well. Have a fantastic trip!

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