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Postcard from Piedmont: Peach Season

Ciao from northern Italy!

I am in the Piedmont region, about two hours from Milan, staying at a beautiful country villa. My dear friends are getting married here tomorrow. I had a funny and charming experience this morning and immediately thought of you and wanted to share it.

The day was warm and the air was fragrant. I walked down the road from the villa to take some photos of the countryside. Sprawling lavender bushes were alive with buzzing bees. I stopped at a peach tree that was bursting with ripe fruit. No one was around, so I moved a little closer and stood on my toes to smell the peaches.  Yes, I was tempted to reach up and grab one (I can hear you asking…) And as I stood considering it, the roar of an engine broke the still air. I turned to see a small car pull to a stop a few feet away. An Italian gentleman hopped out and walked toward me. Was it his property? I felt my face flush and began thinking about how to explain why I was loitering.  He greeted me in Italian and reached up into the tree. With a quick motion, he pulled a peach from its branch and handed it to me with a smile.

an illustrations of a peach

He was elegantly dressed, in a light summer suit, linen maybe, and obviously on his way to or from some “al fresco” meal, no doubt with a view of vineyards and a medieval hill town. I was in shorts and a t-shirt that said “Another Mother Runner” –  embarrassingly underdressed for this impromptu meeting.

I smiled and thanked him. He smiled and waited.  Then he motioned at the peach and said “mangiare”. He wanted me to taste it. I took a tentative bite and peach juice dribbled down my chin. It was delightfully peachy, with a full flavour, but a little more tart than the peaches I eat at home. The flavour and tartness illuminated for me the true genius of an Italian Bellini – peach puree combined with Prosecco.

I took another bite or two and he watched me happily. I thanked him again and he hopped back into his car. I waved as he turned down the drive toward his villa. I snapped one more photo of the peaches, to remember the moment. Sometimes it pays to loiter under Italian peach trees.

Wish you were here signature illustration, signed with Susan and XO


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Where to Stay in Italy

The La Villa Hotel where we stayed on this trip was absolutely beautiful.  It’s a 16th-century palazzo converted into a boutique hotel. I highly recommend it – a story with photos is coming soon. 

If you are planning or dreaming of Italy travel, you might also enjoy the story of my stay at an Umbria Agriturismo. It has a wonderful location in the green hills of Italy and is very well priced. 

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