Solo Travel for Women

If you’re dreaming of midlife adventure but lacking a travel buddy, I think you have a wonderful opportunity. It is a chance to be selfish, for all the right reasons. You get to create your dream trip, without having to consult with anyone else. Where to go, what to do and for how long – it’s entirely up to you!

I went solo on a trip to India, a destination my husband wasn’t all that interested in, and had a fabulous time. That trip was all about me and I hardly missed my family at all – let’s keep that between us girls

If you are also dreaming of a trip to India, you might enjoy my story about searching for Bengal tigers: On Safari in India. 

A solo trip to India was all about what I wanted to see and do

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luang prabang laos monk
Susan on a solo trip in Luang Prabang, Laos

When you are ready to travel, you don’t have to adventure alone if you don’t want to.

Consider joining an organized tour, as I did, for part of the India trip. A tour allows you to be an independent traveller, with the company of a professional guide and a new group of friends. I’ve written tabout: How to Select a Small Group Tour, which might be helpful.

And remember that sometimes travel inspiration comes from unexpected places, so be open to the possibilities.  For example, I attended a lecture on the Mekong Delta at Denver University, and ended up on a riverboat trip in Cambodia, as a result. 

If an organized tour doesn’t appeal, you could enlist a travel agent to help you plan a custom itinerary, as I did for my recent trip to Laos. I travelled in Asia with a girlfriend for part of the trip and was on my own for part. 

Laos was high on my bucket list and those days alone were exciting and empowering, a reminder of how meaningful solo time can be. My travel-agent friend, Liz King, helped arrange my itinerary, as well as a guide, and in-country support, in case I encountered any problems. It was perfect.

Travelling solo allows me t0 focus on myself, in ways I don’t at other times in my life

Are there moments on my solo travels when I wish someone special was with me to share a memorable experience? Of course. 

But travelling solo allows me to focus on myself in ways that I don’t seem to, at any other time in my life. It also pushes me out of my comfort zone – just enough to remind me I am highly capable.

I like to say that travel allows us to rendezvous with parts of ourselves that often get lost in everyday life. That is never more true for me then when I am travelling solo.

Happy solo travels!


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