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Humayun’s Tomb Complex, Delhi, India

At an ancient temple in a fragrant garden, ladies wear saris that shimmer in the morning sun, and parakeets glide between treetops. Some travel moments feel so magical, you hold your breath as you click the camera shutter.


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The Opportunity of Travel for Midlife Women

The Opportunity of Travel
for Midlife Women

city palace jaipur india
City Palace, Jaipur, India

I’ve had wanderlust for as long as I can remember, but travel at midlife feels different. I am more in awe of each new experience, of all I learn from the people I meet, locals and other travellers. I’m more grateful. 

It is thrilling seeing the world’s wonders, such as India’s Taj Mahal or Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, but more important for me as a midlife woman, is how travel makes me feel.

Away from the obligations of everyday life, I connect to parts of myself that often get pushed aside. I remember things that excite me and make me happy.

And I remember how it feels to know that something wonderful and unexpected could be right around the corner. The feeling that anything is possible: that’s the real magic of travel. 

And if you’ve found your way here,  I am guessing that something about travel inspires you as well. If you’ve been dreaming about new adventures, I am so glad you are here. Let’s travel dream together. 

Midlife Travel Dreaming

The stories and destination guides I share are written for midlife women, with all of that in mind. This isn’t about budget versus luxury travel. It’s about travel experiences that will be meaningful and memorable.

If you are ready to start dreaming or planning, have a look at this story about fabulous trips for women –  countries I’ve visited or hope to visit: Travel Tours for Women.

Travel is an enormous privilege, and I believe, a responsibility. One in ten people are employed in tourism worldwide; we can have a positive impact on the people and places we visit, in particular women working in tourism in the developing world. I write more about that here: Ways to empower Women with Travel.

I believe travel can transform midlife women in ways unlike almost any other experience. I can’t wait to hear about your travel dreams and midlife adventures, big and small.

Happy Travels! 

visiting preah ko temple cambodia
Preah Ko Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia


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