SheFari offers women-only tours, photo by Elias Kordelakos

Women-Only Tours for Midlife Connection and Empowerment


Sharing travel adventures with other women offers a unique chance for self discovery

Travel tours for women offer a chance for connection and personal growth, in addition to the usual delights of a special trip. It’s an appealing mix for midlife women looking for greater meaning and substance on our bucket-list vacations.

As a midlife woman who began travelling more in my late 40’s, I discovered that travel fulfilled something I didn’t even know I needed.

I took a trip to India in 2017 and left my family at home. Being away from the obligations of everyday life for almost three weeks, helped me to remember parts of myself I had forgotten. I reconnected to who I was, separate from all of the roles I play. I was “just Susan”, and I felt more alive, inspired and free.

Momcation - Susan sitting at the leheyria spring gate, at city palace jaipur
Susan in Jaipur India... without her family

As I have continued to travel more, I have found this is especially true when I travel with other women. Travel can be an intense experience, and sharing that with a group of women allows for bonding that might take months or years in other circumstances.  It’s a little like summer camp, but with comfy beds, wine and much better food.

Recognizing this opportunity, women travel entrepreneurs are creating women-only tours designed to allow for meaningful experiences and personal growth. With many of us dreaming about future travel adventures, I wanted to highlight two companies with special itineraries for women.

A group of women on a tour in Corfu, Greece
A SheFari tour for women in Corfu, Greece. Photo: SheFari

Women-Only Tours


Christina Tucholski and her partner Nektaria Panagiotari created SheFari because they saw how their own travel experiences were unique and special when they shared them with other women.

“Being in a group of women allows you to feel emotionally safe; you feel you can share and relate,” says Christina Tucholski. “You can be in your pj’s and have a glass of wine on your balcony together. And you are ok to be a little more vulnerable. We try and encourage that connection and transformation that happens.” 

SheFari specializes in Europe travel – in fact both of the founders have a personal connection with Greece – and SheFari has upcoming trips to Egypt, Greece, Portugal, Iceland and Thailand.

SheFari founders, Christina Tucholski & Nektaria Panagiotari
SheFari founders, Nektaria Panagiotari (left) and Christina Tucholski

I haven’t been on a SheFari trip but am particularly intrigued by their travel tours designed to pay homage to historic women. The Egypt itinerary will follow in the footsteps of Hatshepsut. She was a pharaoh fourteen centuries before Cleopatra, and the first to attain complete power with her rule. 

Christina says they have found that the style of a SheFari vacation resonates with midlife women. “Midlife women really invest in their travel experiences and are thoughtful with their choices. They’ve worked hard throughout their life, and have earned the time and means to enjoy it. And midlife women embrace the transformative and learning aspects of our trips.”

Lotus Sojourns empowers women in Guatemala
Christine Winebrenner Irick (third from left) drew pictures of dreams for the future, with women in Guatemala. Photo: Lotus Sojourns

Women-Only Tours

Lotus Sojourns

Christine Winebrenner Irick started Lotus Sojourns, a group travel company, because she believed it offered an opportunity for women who wanted to explore the world as well as their place in it.  She saw that when women travelled together, it gave them an ideal balance of comfort with a chance for personal exploration.

“I think it offers safety and security with a balance of risk and adventure.” From a practical standpoint, a group tour takes away the challenge of planning it yourself, she adds. “You can be sure of the investment of your money and time, which are valuable resources for midlife women.” 

Lotus Sojourns leads trips to Guatemala, Peru and Jordan and is creating a U.S.-based sojourn to Montana, while we wait for international travel to return to a “new normal”. 

Womens travel peru

Christine and I have talked about the many ways we’ve personally benefitted from the change in perspective we gain with travel; it’s what makes travel an ideal opportunity for midlife women to re-think how we see ourselves.

“How we connect with people when we travel is so different than in our daily life,” she says. “What started my vision for the company was connecting women in a way that creates conversations and empowers them.”

I agree. Hopefully we all cherish the men in our lives; I have a husband and two young-adult sons, and I love our family adventures. But as a midlife woman, I am craving space for myself in a way I didn’t seem to need when I was younger. 

Susan Heinrich with her tour guide, Penelope Triantafyllidou, in Athens Greece

I once read that the word “menopause” can be interpreted as men-o-pause. In other words, put men on pause for a while at midlife. While most of us don’t actually want to pause the men in our life, travel with other women creates some bandwidth for exploring the complex emotions that can accompany midlife.

Christine Winebrenner Irick on a women's trip to Bali, Indonesia
Christine Winebrenner Irick on a women's trip to Bali, Indonesia

Christine of Lotus Sojourns says she sees how group tours for women remove the need to think about how we present ourselves. She feels that freedom as well, as a tour leader and midlife woman. 

“It changes the dynamic of how you show up. I know I’m definitely going to be fine wearing yesterday’s yoga pants, putting on a hat and even crying, versus if there was a man there. It will not be the same space.”

A Women's Travel Buffet

Some midlife women may dream of a month-long meditation retreat in India, inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love. But many midlife women, me included, prefer a travel buffet – itineraries that combine a little bit of everything: relaxation and indulgence with the perfect dose of challenge and adventure. It’s still a vacation after all, and I want to relax and enjoy myself.

A group of women enjoying the pleasures of travel in Corfu, Greece
Women on a Shefari in Corfu, Greece. Photo: SheFari


That was the vision for SheFari, itineraries that offer the pleasures of a vacation but with more nuance and depth. “We saw that there was an opportunity to create deeper, more impactful journeys. I like to say that we wanted to come up with the perfect travel cocktail: part retreat, part girls’ trip, and part adventure of a lifetime,” Christina says. 

And the benefits don’t require that you have a group of women friends to go with. Travelling with women you don’t know can be even more transformative. And a women-only tour is ideal for women who don’t have travel companions, or are choosing to travel on their own. 

An older woman traveller on a small group tour of India
Betty turned 89 on a trip to India and inspired the women in our group

“Some women are hesitant to travel with strangers but it’s actually liberating,” Christina says. “You start out as strangers but get to know each other quickly because travel creates an environment where women can be open-hearted in their sharing.” 

On one of my India adventures, a woman in our group celebrated her 89th birthday. What a privilege it was to spend time with this very special South African traveller. Betty was one of the most interesting people I’ve met and also travelled with the smallest suitcase I have ever seen. Talk about inspiring.

I’ve learned that I love spending time with women with different life experiences than my own – from different places of different ages, and with different perspectives. Isn’t that why we travel, to experience people and places beyond our everyday lives?

womens cooperative rajasthan india
Women working at a crafts cooperative in Rajasthan, India

Empowering Local Women Through Travel

Speaking of privilege, travel is an opportunity to empower not just ourselves, but also women in the places we visit. Christine plans every Lotus Sojourn with that in mind; empowering local women is a key element of the trip. Women travellers get the opportunity to connect their own growth with growth opportunities for the local women they spend time with. 

“That connection (between travellers and local women) empowers each other; you see how you overcome similar challenges,” Christine says. “Being a mirror for one another’s experiences and seeing the similarities across cultures and across socio-economic differences is really empowering.”

women on a group trip enjoy a scenic view

Knowing that you can’t know exactly what to expect, that a surprise might be right around the next corner, is the thrill of travel. And the chance to share those special travel moments with a group of  “like-hearted women” while we discover new parts of ourselves – together, seems the perfect reason to hit the pause button on everyday life.

Upcoming Travel

Lotus Sojourns

More Travel Tours for Women

I’ve curated a list of tours for women in destinations around the world – Europe, New Zealand, Morocco and more –  in this story: Guided Tours for Women.

Statue of Hatshepsut in Egypt
A woman weaving in Peru

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